• In order to improve your experience with us, BOCA BEACH suggests that you make your reservation through our e-mail for the holiday periods or before a long weekend at least 15 days in advance of your arrival.

• In order to better serve you, we remind you that our CHECK IN starts at 03:00 PM and our CHECK OUT ends at 01:00 PM.

• If the services you reserved are available at the time of your arrival, you will be able to use them. Otherwise, we will ask you to wait until after 03:00 PM.

• Our guests must register at our reception desk and pay for their stay upon arriving at Boca Beach. Here they will be provided a bracelet for each guest and one access tag per vehicle.

• Every visitor must register and pay for their visit upon arrival, where they will be provided with the corresponding visitors’ bracelet and an access tag for their vehicle.

• The use of bracelets for guests and visitors will be obligatory throughout their stay at Boca Beach.

• Your vehicle’s access tag must be attached to its rearview mirror at all times during your stay at Boca Beach.

• Those persons not wearing a bracelet and vehicles without an access tag will be asked to leave our premises.

• If your access tag gets damaged or lost you can request a replacement at the reception desk. This replacement may have an additional cost.

• Our going rate is charged per night. Any occupancy before 08:00 AM will be considered at night and charged at the regular rate.

• If you wish to extend your stay at Boca Beach, you must make the corresponding payment before your current stay ends, subject to availability.

• Our camping rate does not include the use of electricity for AC units, refrigerators, microwave ovens, recreational vehicles and other power-hungry devices.

• In order to use our special services like Bungalows and Private Bathrooms, it will be necessary to make a security deposit at the reception desk, which will be 100% reimbursed in case there is no resulting damage to our facilities.

• The assembly and use of portable or children’s swimming pools must be carried out under strict supervision. Please check restrictions and rates at the reception desk.

• For our camping service, only 2 outdoor lightbulbs or lighting using less than 60 watts/h will be allowed.

• For any other additional requirements, Boca Beach suggests that you consult with our staff in advance, in order to avoid extra charges for energy consumption or damages to our facilities.

Payment Methods and Terms

• Payment on our premises must be in cash or through a bank transfer. We do not take credit or debit cards.

• The deposit that you made when making your reservation will be discounted from your total bill upon presentation of the original deposit slip.

• Changes in your reservation will be subject to availability and rate adjustments.

• In case of reserve cancellations, deposits will NOT be refundable.

• In the case of reserves of oceanfront spaces, bungalows and private bathrooms, guests will be charged for all the dates reserved in case of cancellation or changes in their original reservation.

• In the case of occupancies longer than one night, your reservation and deposit will be respected until 01:00 PM on the day after your original arrival date.

Your Stay / Your Safety / Social Etiquette

Boca Beach’s main goal is to be a safe and comfortable family space. We work hard every day to improve your holiday experience, so we place great emphasis on enforcing compliance with our instructions. All of our rules and recommendations have a common, underlying purpose, which is to prevent conflicts among our guests while we serve them to the utmost of our abilities, and they can be summed up in one word: RESPECT.

• Respect is an obligatory rule for our guests. Any disturbance or disrespect towards any person inside our premises can be a reason to get expelled from Boca Beach without refund of any payments made.

• Spaces are numbered in order to facilitate their location. They come in various sizes and irregular shapes, and can be subdivided if necessary, always keeping into consideration and respecting each guest’s space and need for comfort and privacy.

• Our toilets, showers, washbasins and sinks are common services, so their appropriate use and your patience will be much appreciated, especially during peak season.

• The use of guest and visitor bracelets as well as vehicle access tags is inexcusable and obligatory in order for us to be able to guarantee your safety.

• All kinds of weapons are totally prohibited within the premises.

• Boca Beach will not incur in any liability for damages caused by natural events to any person or their belongings; events such as injuries by falling coconuts or damage by falling branches or palm fronds, excessive rain or high winds.

• Within our premises, your belongings are still your responsibility, so Boca Beach will not incur in any liability for partial or total loss or theft of any of their guests’ property.

• Music can be reproduced at moderate volumes only between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM. All noisy or unpleasant activities are prohibited between 9:00 PM and 10:00 AM (Use of blenders, juicers or other appliances or electronic devices, reproduction of movies or videos with speakers).

• The use of motorcycles during the day will only be permitted in order to enter or exit our premises through the main gate.

• At night, the use of motorcycles within our premises is strictly prohibited. In case a guest comes back to the campsite on their motorcycle at night, the motorcycle will have to be parked in the common parking area or rolled all the way in with the engine off.

• It is strictly prohibited to park your vehicle(s) outside your assigned space. If the space you reserved is not big enough to accommodate your vehicle(s), they will have to be moved to the common parking area.

• For your safety, it is strictly prohibited to install and run extension cords towards the beach.

• Campfires within our premises are strictly prohibited.

• Ash and other residue from grills and barbecues must be collected and discarded at the main garbage disposal in order not to contaminate our beach’s sand.

• It is strictly prohibited to nail or attach any metal objects to palm trees, since rust may sicken and kill them.

• It is obligatory to discard your trash at the municipal garbage container (located just outside our premises).

• It is strictly prohibited to collect or accumulate trash within your space, since unpleasant smells will attract insects and other small vermin.


• Non-compliance with our regulations as well as repeated, justified complaints from your neighboring guests can bring about the end of your stay at Boca Beach without economic compensation.


• At the end of your stay we will ask you to check your space to make sure you are not leaving behind any of your belongings and that the space is clean and free of any garbage bags.

• Once the previous step has been carried out, guests must go to the reception desk to return their vehicle(s)’ access tags and have their bracelets removed.

• If you used any of our special services, like private bathrooms or bungalows, you will have to return the access key at the reception desk and wait for a few minutes while the services are being checked. Once our staff verifies that our facilities are in good condition, you will be reimbursed your security deposit.

• We appreciate each and every one of your visits, and we value the comments you share with us about your stay. Every day we make our best effort to offer you a better service.

Important Recommendations

• Do not waste water. Moderate use of this important resource will ensure there is always enough for everyone.

• Try to use the common services outside of peak periods. This way, you will be helping our staff to provide them with the proper care so that they will operate satisfactorily at all times.

• Please be careful when entering the water. Preferably, always wear a life jacket, if possible.

• Any time you have a question or a doubt, check with a member of our staff. They’ll always be glad to help you.