To avoid conflict among guests and offer the best service we can, we have to observe some rules, that can be summarized in one word:


  • Every one who wishes to stay here must register and pay all expenses when checking in. Guests will be given a pass witch has to be hung on the rear view mirror during the stay. For safety purposes the use of the bracelet is mandatory for all guests and visitors.
  • People without bracelet can’t be in the campsite.
  • The fee is per night. Early morning arrivals before 8AM pay complete fee.
  • Your stay is due at 1pm. If the spot you reserve is taken you can use it after 3pm.
  • If you wish to extend your stay and there is availability you must fully pay 24 hours before your due date presenting your pass. Other wise your stay will be considered ended and your spot will be assigned to somebody else.
  • Any body who hasn’t fully paid will be denied the use of camping services.
  • Reservations are made by mail to  at least 15 days before arrival and if it’s vacation season 15 days before vacations begin. Corresponding deposit will be discounted from your fee presenting the original voucher.
  • There is no deposit refund for cancelation. Reservation is only valid for the day you reserved for.
  • All spots are numbered by location reference. They are different sizes and will be subdivided according to the number of tents. For example if you have 1 or 2 tents in a space large enough for 3, if needed we can assigned that spot for another tent to be set up, considering of course the space needed to respect your privacy.
  • Water, light and drainage facilities are for everyone to use.
  • The campsite is not responsible for any damage caused by nature such as coconut, palm tree or palapa fallings or cyclones. Neither are we responsible for the theft of your belongings.
  • Sound equipment must be used at a moderated volume; noisy or annoying activities between 9pm and 10am are strictly prohibited ( noise, blenders, motor cycles, etc)
  • Motor cycle use inside the camping site is not allowed. They should be used to access or  leave the premises.
  • Accessing  at the premises with a motor cycle with motor turned on it’s not allowed during night time.
  • You most keep all pets tied in your space so they do not bother other guests. Pets owners must clean after their pets. No pets are allowed in de rooms, restroom or shower areas even if they are tied.
  • Lose pets will be put away to avoid bothering other guests.
  • Bonfires are not allowed in the premises. The ashes of your grill must be thrown away in the garbage containers, not in the sand to avoid contaminating.
  • Nailing on the palm trees is not allowed, rusty metal make sickens the palm tree.
  • All visitor must pay the corresponding fee, and must park in the assigned spaces.
  • You can’t use swimming pools bigger than 200 l.
  • Every time you fill your swimming pool with water from the campsite will generate a cost depending on the size of your swimming pool, it is to be done in the morning to avoid interfering with restrooms water supply.
  • You are only allowed to use 2 light bulbs no higher tan 60 watts per space.
  • The fee does not include the use of electricity for air conditioning, refrigerator and recreational vehicles.
  • Repetitive complains from your neighbors for not observing the rules will cause your stay to be terminated.
  • It is prohibited to park in an area other than the one assigned to you.
  • Using extension cords from your tent to the beach is not allowed. Electricity is only for internal use in the campsite.
  • You can’t set up in another place other than the one you where assigned.
  • You must put you garbage in the containers on the street, and never leave them outside you tent overnight to avoid attracting animals.
  • Before checking out you must leave your space clean and free of garbage bags.
  • Our staff is not authorized to give any discounts.
  • Recommendations. Don’t swim in the sea without a life saver.
  • Don’t camp under a palm tree with coconuts. Damage cause by nature is your responsibility.
  • Take care of the water so we can all benefit of it.
  • Water. We have a sweet water well that gives us limited water. It’s evident that if we all use it at the same time without takin care of it, it will be not enough everyone.
  • For this reason we recommended avoid using the showers during the rush hour.
  • There is not charge for using hot water and it supply is limited

The articles are applied 2330, 2331, 2332 of the civil code of Jalisco.