• To enhance your experience at BOCA BEACH we extend a warm welcome and encourage you to make advance reservations. During peak periods or holidays, we recommend making reservations at least 15 days prior to your anticipated arrival.

• Contact and Reservation Methods:

Whats App: +52 315 109 52 37



• To provide you with better service, we share our CHECK IN/ CHECK OUT hours:

Camping & Trailer Park: CHECK-IN: 03:00 PM / CHECK-OUT: 01:00 PM

Bungalows: CHECK-IN: 03:00 PM / CHECK-OUT: 11:00 AM

Mobile home rental: CHECK-IN: 03:00 PM – 6:00 PM / CHECK-OUT: 11:00 AM

• Early occupancy is permissible if services are available from 8:00 AM onward. Otherwise, kindly await your designated CHECK-IN time.


• Upon entering our premises, all guests must register at the reception and settle the entire accommodation fee. Each individual will be provided with a wristband, and each vehicle will receive an identification pass.

• Wearing the wristband is mandatory for guests and visitors throughout their stay.

• The vehicle identification pass must be prominently displayed on the rearview mirror at all times.

• For safety, individuals without wristbands and vehicles lacking an identification pass will be courteously asked to leave the premises.

• In the event of loss or damage to these items, replacements may be obtained at the reception, potentially incurring an additional cost.

• Our accommodation fees are per night. Any occupation before 08:00 AM will be considered and charged as standard occupancy.

• Should you wish to extend your stay, payment must be made prior to the expiration, subject to availability.

• Camping fees do not include the use of electricity for air conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, RVs, and other high-energy electronic devices.

• Special services, such as bungalows, private bathrooms, or RVs, necessitate a security deposit at reception, fully refundable in the absence of any charges for damage to our facilities.

• The installation and use of portable pools are supervised; please inquire about restrictions and fees at reception.

• Within our camping service, only two light bulbs and/or lighting with a consumption of less than 60 watts are permitted. String lights are allowed only if they emit low-intensity light and may be used until 11:00 PM.

• Our staff is trained to enhance your camping experience. For any additional services or needs, please consult with us to avoid potential risks, additional charges for energy consumption, or damage to our facilities.

• The use of electric stoves is prohibited within our facilities.


• The total amount of your stay must be covered at the time of CHECK-IN.

• An early departure from our facilities does NOT result in a refund and/or credit.

• Payment at our facilities is in cash, due to our geographical location and the instability of our telecommunications, we do not accept credit or debit card payments.

• The prepayment corresponding to your reservation will be deducted from your account upon presenting the original bank voucher.

• In the event of cancellation or date changes by the guest, the prepayment is non-refundable. Additionally, both payments and reservations are non-transferable and can only be used by the person who made them.

• In the event of cancellation by authorities or civil protection (natural disasters or health contingencies), the reservation and prepayment remain available for a future visit, subject to availability, tariff adjustment, and with prior reservation.

• For reservations of seaside spaces, bungalows, private bathrooms, and mobile homes, the guest must pay 100% of their original reservation; changes or cancellations do not apply upon arrival.

• In case of delay or unexpected changes in the check-in date, your original reservation for stays longer than 1 night will be honored until 01:00 PM the day after your scheduled check-in date, covering the cost of the originally contracted services. In the event of a longer delay, your prepayment and reservation will be automatically canceled without any refund.


At Boca Beach, our paramount objective is to provide a comfortable and secure family space. We continuously strive to enhance your experience; therefore, adherence to our guidelines is mandatory.

• Respect is an imperative rule for our guests; any disturbance or lack of respect towards any person within our facilities may result in expulsion without a refund.

• Spaces are numerically designated for ease of location, irregular in size, and can be divided if necessary, with due respect for the space required to ensure your comfort and privacy.

• Our bathrooms, showers, sinks, and laundry services are communal. During peak periods, we appreciate your appropriate use and patience.

• Wastage of water is prohibited. It is essential to conserve this vital resource; therefore, we kindly request all our guests to utilize water responsibly.

• Wearing the wristband and displaying the vehicle identification pass is mandatory and indispensable for ensuring your safety.

• The use of any type of weapon and drug consumption within the facilities is strictly prohibited.

• Boca Beach assumes no responsibility for damages caused by nature to your person or belongings, such as falling coconuts, branches, palms, rain, and wind.

• Your belongings within our facilities are your responsibility; therefore, Boca Beach is absolved of any liability for total or partial damage or theft.

• Music players during the day should be at a moderate volume (tolerable for your neighbors). Otherwise, our security personnel will request cessation of device use during the day. The allowed hours are from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

• Noisy or disturbing activities are prohibited from 9:00 PM to 10:00 AM (use of blenders, extractors, and other electronic devices, playing movies or videos with speakers).

• The use of motorcycles during the day is only permitted for entering and exiting through the main gate, adhering to the speed limits set in our facilities.

• Motorcycle traffic is not allowed at night; if you return to the camp at night, your motorcycle must be parked in a designated space in the common parking area or rolled without the engine running.

• All our rules and recommendations are designed to prevent conflicts between guests and ensure the best possible experience during your stay. They can be summarized in one word: RESPECT.

• Parking vehicles outside the assigned space is strictly prohibited. If your designated space is inadequate, kindly locate your vehicle in the common parking area for safety. The installation of electrical extensions to the beach is not permitted for safety reasons.

• Bonfires within the camp are prohibited. Ashes and residues from braziers should be collected and deposited in the trash container to prevent contamination of the sand.

• Inserting any type of metal into the palms is prohibited (as rust can cause a disease that can lead to their drying).

• Furthermore, cutting coconuts and climbing palm trees is not allowed. These measures are implemented to preserve the integrity of the palms and ensure a safe environment for all.

• Please dispose of your garbage in the municipal container (located outside our facilities).

• Accumulating garbage in your space is prohibited, as the odor can be not only unpleasant but also attract insects and other small animals.


• Your pets are welcome; therefore, they must be registered during CHECK-IN, along with the payment of the corresponding fee and security deposit.

• Please read, sign, and comply with the PET REGULATIONS.


• Failure to comply with our rules or justified and repeated complaints from your neighbors may result in the termination of your stay without any form of compensation.

• In the event of receiving a third warning for non-compliance, your stay will be terminated.


• To conclude your stay, please check your designated space, ensure you haven't forgotten or lost any belongings, and leave the area clean (free of garbage bags).

• Once ready, proceed to the reception to return the vehicle identification pass, cut your wristbands, and if you used any special service such as a private bathroom, bungalow, or RV, return the access key to reception. Kindly wait a few minutes for our staff to validate the good condition of our facilities before receiving your security deposit.

• We appreciate your continued preference with each visit and value any feedback you may wish to share about your stay. Every day we strive to offer you an enhanced experience at Boca Beach.


• Conserve water; moderate use of this resource ensures its availability for all our guests.

• Attempt to utilize common services outside of peak hours. This practice aids our staff in providing adequate maintenance and ensures optimal service performance.

• Exercise caution when entering the sea; it is advisable to always use a life jacket and adhere to civil protection guidelines.

• For any queries, please seek assistance from a member of our team; we are at your service.